New Glasgow-20121117-00120Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional DJ

To some people hiring a Professional DJ is simple, however for others it can be a nightmare. DJ’s are like socks, they come in all SIZES, Shapes, and Colours, the trick is to find the one you like without holes, and that provides the services that you require. So below are some questions you can ask when looking for the best available Professional DJ!


How Much do you Charge?

A Professional Wedding DJ is a service, not a product. You usually get what you pay for, however by asking a few of these questions you will determine whether price is a factor!


Will you Be Dressed Appropriately for the Wedding?

You and your Family are all dressed up in your finest clothes Celebrating your Wedding Day. Behind the table in the corner is your DJ in his almost brand new Jeans, and T-shirt.

Being professional, and looking professional goes hand in hand, so if your DJ does not dress professionally, then are they Professional? Do they really respect you?


Are there any hidden fees?

Sometimes DJ’s will quote a typical 4 hour window (9pm-1am) in their price without including the extras for example; Setup/Teardown, Lunch, Travel…etc. Make sure that you ask what the night from X time to Y Time will cost!


Do you accept requests?

This is a real tricky question. In general, Professional DJ’s would like to say that they would be happy to take Requests and, in most cases, they do.

However, the Primary job of any Respectable DJ is to keep the majority of your guests Dancing! DJ’s know which Requests will clear the dance floor and deflate the energy of your Wedding Dance. You should Trust your DJ to use his judgment regarding requests.


How many songs are in your music library?

The number of CDs or actual songs is not that important, what is important is the variety of the Music. In today’s world of High speed internet, anyone can download a bunch of Songs and call themselves a DJ.

A Professional DJ will have a good selection of wide genres of music. On a typical 9-1am Wedding dance, there will be only approximately 45-55 songs played, so Quality, not Quantity should be investigated!


How much Wedding Dance Experience do you have?

You may have attended a Wedding Dance and had an awesome time. So when your big night arrives you decide to contact the same DJ company to play for your Wedding Dance.

What could happen, is that you might Not get the same DJ. Sometimes DJ companies have a few DJs on rotation. Its best to determine Who will play your music, and how much Experience They have, not the company. The company you call may have been in business for years, but the DJ they send to your wedding could have been hired last week!


Do you have a Wedding Information Package?

Professional DJ Companies will offer couples some sort of Wedding Package. This package could include some important information about the company, or outlines your Wedding Day Events like; Ceremony Time/Location, Reception Time/Location, Dance Time/Location.

Professional DJs will also want to meet with couples before their wedding day to determine the couples expectations for the night.


Do You Have a Web Site?

In this fast paced world, couples need answers 24/7. Couples can search information randomly, whenever they choose, and without the pressure of DJ companies sales pitches. Choose a Professional DJ with a Professional looking Website.


Do you have any questions for me?

Make sure your DJ is asking lots of questions as well. If they are making the effort to get informed about you and how your event is expected to go, then that is a true sign they will go above and beyond on your wedding day!


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